Cloverland Elementary

Art Corps

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ART CORPS™ is a comprehensive, developmental curriculum, which teaches art fundamentals by bringing process oriented hands-on art experiences to the classroom.  The success of this program depends upon parent volunteers who are trained in the workshops to teach art in the classroom.  Over the past years our experience has shown the program provides students with a cumulative set of skills and experiences.  Art Corps always welcomes new parent volunteers!

To volunteer with Art Corps please contact:

Director: Rickie Daley (209) 968-1435

Volunteer Coordinator: Shannon Powell (209) 404-1408

Supplies Coordinator: Adrianne King (805) 315-1616

If you are interested, please attend an informational, orientation meeting on Wednesday, August 23rd @9:00 a.m. in the MPR at Cloverland.

Visit the Art Corps website! 

Clic here for the Cloverland Art Corps Workshop Schedule 2017-2018

For more information about Art Corps, please click here.