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Cloverland Gifted Learner

  The Gifted Learner (GL) Program is designed to expand learning opportunities through a variety of activities that help students develop and use creative, logical, and divergent thinking skills.  Each academy will challenge and encourage students to stretch outside their comfort zone as well as motivate them to develop coping strategies and organizational skills.  This year's curriculum will focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills, while incorporating the social and emotional needs of our gifted learners.

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Cloverland Gifted Learner #1 The Best of me. 

OJUSD Gifted Learner Academics 2017-2018.

Cloverland Gifted Learner Academy #2 from Scientist to Engineer. 

Optional Gifted Learner family field trip REVISED

Cloverland Gifted Learner Academy #3 Mock Trial

Cloverland Gifted Learner Academy #4 On to the Theater