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6th Grade Outdoor Education



Cloverland Elementary

 and YOUR PTC 

We are very excited to present the 6th-grade classes with the opportunity to attend

Foothill Horizons Outdoor Education

January 9th-12th, 2018.


The cost for this trip is $275.00 per student

Page 2 of this packet gives you information about the fun educational activities that are offered.

Fundraising is the best way to get your child’s trip PAID in FULL!

100% of all monies that your child raises as part of Jog-A-Thon will go directly into their outdoor education account (this is the only fundraiser where 100% of all monies go directly into your student’s account.)

Jog-a-Thon is October 13th and begins at 8:30AM

In order to prepare for this trip, we will need YOUR HELP!!

We do not accept monthly payments.


_____ My child will be attending


_____ My child will not be attending


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_____ I would like to assist the coordinators with fundraising


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Foothill Horizons Curriculum

  • Adventure Hike: This is an orientation to our goals of learning about ecology, respecting nature, and cooperation.  Students might challenge themselves on the ropes course, crawl through boulder caves, visit the Sky Tower...the adventures are limitless!
  • Mi-Wuk Lesson: The culture of the Mi-Wuk people is discovered through hands-on learning at our reconstructed Mi-Wuk village.  Students might pound acorns, flintknap, and make fire!
  • Conservation Lesson: Students explore the decision-making process surrounding the use of resources.  Using games, and experiments, students learn about renewable and nonrenewable resources.  Time spent with our injured red-tailed hawk brings home the importance of preserving nature.
  • Discovery Lesson: Sensory awareness is explored in the out-of-doors on the Blind walk and in the Discovery Hut.  Special attention is given to bird adaptations when students visit our bird blind.
  • Ecology Lesson: Concepts including interdependence, cycles, and adaptations are introduced through various environmental activities, a visit to our school garden and its compost and vermiculture bins.
  • Geology Lesson: Students engage in activities that teach the rock cycle as well as introducing theories of plate tectonics.  Places like Rock City, Grandfather Rock, and Granite Gulch provide great examples of various minerals, the crystallization process, and erosion.
  • Field Trip: One day each week students travel to Moaning Caverns, one of the largest vertical caves in California to learn about geology, and see their naturalist or classroom teacher rappel down a 180-foot rope.  Then everyone goes to Calaveras Big Trees, to see the earth's biggest living trees - the sequoias.
  • Night Hike: This one-hour hike focuses on nocturnal animals, constellations, a visit to our Sky Tower, and a positive experience during the night.
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