Cloverland Elementary

A Message From Mr. Bonds

 A Message From Mr. Bonds:

Dear Cloverland Students,

    Your teachers will be working with you this year to increase your level of participation in various classroom activities.  We know that when your level of classroom participation increases, so do your rate and degree of learning.  Therefore, we are asking you to be prepared to be called on in class, prepare to pair share with your neighbor when asked, and to raise your hand to participate when you have an answer.  While your answer might not always be right, we learn by using our brain to solve problems and answer questions.  Correct practice increases our skill level! 

    It is important that you understand what it is that you are learning each day.  By understanding those expectations, you will have a better idea of the learning to come in each lesson.  Your teacher, as well as other teachers in the OJUSD, wants you to share responsibility for monitoring your own learning each day.  By being an active participant in daily learning, you will understand more and learn at much faster and much more efficient rate.

    Every day, as you attend class, we want you to try your very best.  Connect what you currently know with new learning.  Research shows our brains work best when we are able to attach new learning to something we have already learned.

    We hope that you can see that school is training for real life.  The preparation that you do now will help you tremendously later in life.  Invest now in your own future and as a young adult it will pay you back many times over.



Mr. Bonds