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Parent Teacher Club

Cloverland PTC Meetings


General PTC Meetings are for the purpose of discussing fundraising plans, expenditures and other areas to focus on supporting Cloverland Elementary, staff and students during the school year.  Executive Meetings are for planning purposes in advance of General Meetings.  Executive meetings may be used for approving the plans and work of standing committees, budget preparation, and conducting regular business of the organization.

 Please join us at 2:45 PM for the next PTC Meeting on:

August 22nd @2:45 in room #11.


General Meetings: (held in room #12@2:45 pm)


Executive Meetings: (Tentative)



To volunteer, please contact: 








 PTC Board of Directors 


Julie Abell

Vice President:

Kylee Palmer 


Melissa Soria 


Amber Adams


Volunteer Coordinator:


Art Corps Coordinator:

Julie Powell